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Contact for general comments and enquiries.

Free School Account

(Teacher registration only)

Why have a school account?

This site is designed for formative assessment with classes.

Once your school is registered:

  • Students submit marks and details to the school as they complete questions, all accessible by you through the teachers' area.
  • You can add teachers and class names so student results can be searched effectively.
  • You can analyse class scores to identify topics / questions in need of review, compared to world wide averages. (Premium account only)
  • You can check individual scores and question data looking for targetted discussions in class.

Is there a charge?

It is free to sign up! Later on you can choose which account you would like:

  • Continue with a free Basic Account
  • Switch to a Premium Account (99 GBP per yr)

We will give you a free 1 month trial premium account when you sign up, which will then revert to a free basic account unless you choose to pay for premium.

To find out more about the difference between the two accounts, please click here.

Do students need to register?

Student registration is optional. All our resources are free for them. A student account simply tracks the revision quizzes they have taken so far, giving summary charts and tables to students. If no account is created, students can still submit their name and school at the end of quizzes so schools can see how they did.

Need Help?

Here's a 4 minute summary video on how to use this site, showing student and teacher views.

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