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Account Information

Grade Gorilla has two different school accounts available:

Free Basic Account
Paid Premium Account
49 GBP for the first year, 99 GBP after that

What is the difference between a free basic account and a premium account?

The biggest difference in the two accounts is test volume. If you are a school who uses the site regularly and expect to have more than 300 tests taken by students per calendar year*, you will need a premium account to view these results.

Description Free Basic Account Premium Account
For Students:    
Free unlimited access tick tick
Free optional accounts tick tick
For Teachers:    
School name listed on site tick tick
Unlimited number of teacher names tick tick
Unlimited number of class names tick tick
In Teachers' Area:    
Basic access to student results tick tick
View over 300 results* per year red cross tick
Search bar in results section red cross tick
Analysis tool in results section red cross tick
Access to results from > 1 month ago red cross tick


Why are we charging schools for a premium account?

We have run this site since 2008 as a free resource for schools and students. As it has grown, it has become increasingly a loss-making operation. We have Physics, Chemistry and Biology teachers involved, as well as I.T. support personnel, business and server costs. We would love to keep it all free but it is just not sustainable. You can keep a free basic account, but for schools who use the site frequently we need to start charging to keep the site running.

For comparison, Educake science is now 880 GBP plus VAT!

Our premium account is just 49 GBP for the first year, and then 99 GBP per year, no extras.

The silverback

*Per calendar year. Count resets at the start of each year.