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Updated October 11th 2019


Grade Gorilla is committed to protecting your personal information and respecting data protection laws such as GDPR in the UK and in Europe. This policy explains how this is done.

What information do we collect?

For students using the site without an account, Grade Gorilla collects:

  • Student names and school name
  • Test information such as the test taken and the score
  • Information related to the browser or device you use to access our websites (through ‘google analytics’).

For students using the site with an account, Grade Gorilla also collects:

  • Email addresses and encrypted passwords.

For schools with an account, Grade Gorilla collects:

  • school name, school passwords
  • teachers’ names and e-mail addresses
  • class descriptions.

How do we process this information?

Grade Gorilla uses the information to:

  • Display scores and test data by request on the site by students and teachers
  • Analyse scores for formative assessment by schools
  • Review our website processes and development
  • Contact you with information about changes to services.

What is the purpose for this processing?

The purpose for processing the data on the site is to improve our website and services we provide. In addition, we are fulfilling our contractual relationship where requests are made to display and process this data.

What is our legal ground for doing this?

The legal ground for processing the data is our legitimate interest in developing and managing our site. In addition, our legal ground is fulfilling our contractual relationship where a data processing request is made on the site by the data controller.

Intellectual Property Rights

Website users such as students and schools own all intellectual property rights in our stored data.  Grade Gorilla owns all intellectual property rights in the website pages. Schools and individuals will therefore act as the controllers of the data, and Grade Gorilla the processor of data.
As controllers of the data, website users can request to have a copy of all data, or have it deleted.


Grade Gorilla uses cookies to allow users to stay logged in to the system. Visitors to the site can opt in or out of this. Third party cookies from google analytics may be used to track access to pages, provide location and browser information. Visitors to the site are warned of the use of cookies as per industry standard practice. Essential cookies (session cookies) are used for the quizzes, logins and other functionality - without these the site will not run.

Additional information

  • Our site is run by practising teachers for use by teachers and students. Profits are meagre, and we charge schools for a premium account so that we do not make a loss! We do spend money on ensuring that all student data is best protected as per most reputable school's policy.
  • Grade Gorilla will never share your personal information stored on the site with any third parties under any circumstances. This holds for student, teacher and school information.
  • Servers and Data Storage: Grade Gorilla uses secure servers with a reputable leading company ( to hold site data. The servers are managed 24 hours a day and have an industry standard level of security. All communications between Grade Gorilla users and the servers are encrypted using standard SSL secure encryption. Any information collected from citizens of the EU (or UK) must reside in servers located in EU jurisdictions or in countries with a similar scope and rigor in their protection laws. Our servers in the USA provide this.
  • Grade Gorilla uses a website firewall from SECURI to prevent malicous attacks to the site and possible data breaches.
  • All student personal information on tests, including student name, school name and email (when a student account has been used) is deleted after 5 years. 
  • Grade Gorilla uses google analytics to track website visitors use of the site. This collects anonymised information about the user such as location, pages visited, and device used, to aid with site development and tracking errors. It does not give google analytics access to Grade Gorilla site-specific personal information such as names or email addresses.
  • We will notify all suscribers / account holders of any important changes to the way we process data and subsequent changes to this policy. This will be done at least 14 days before changes take place.
  • Our company is based in Hong Kong and run by registered teachers from the UK. Click here for more information.


If you wish to request, update or delete your personal information, please contact us at