10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

Q 1-3. The diagram shows the main sections of the electromagnetic spectrum, in order. What are the 3 missing sections?

Radio Waves infra-red ultra-violet gamma waves

Q 4-8. Which of these waves ....
4. has the longest wavelength?
5. has the highest frequency?
6. is in sunlight, and can cause blindness and burn skin?
7. is the most dangerous and used to kill cancer cells?

8. 'Fluorescence' happens when a substance turns an invisible region of the E.M. spectrum into visible light.

It is used in bank notes to detect forgeries.

fluorescent inks
Image:Maxim Bilovitskiy

Which region of the spectrum produces fluorescence in bank notes?

9. Which one of the following does not use infra-red radiation?

  • A. Night vision goggles and cameras.
  • B. Airport baggage scanners.
  • C. Toasters.
  • D. T.V. remote controls.
10. The statements on the right list some possble properties of electromagnetic waves. Which statements are true?

I. All can pass through a vacuum.

II. All travel at the speed of light.

III. All are transverse waves.

  • A. I and II.
  • B. II only.
  • C. I and III.
  • D. I, II and III.