10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

 1. Which of these is a magnetic material?

  • A. Iron
  • B. Glass
  • C. Plastic
  • D. Copper

2. The table shows how 2 different poles of magnets attract or repel. Which row is correct?

North and North pole North and South pole
attract attract
attract repel
repel attract
repel repel

3. Here are three statements about magnets:

  • I. Magnets can be made using any metal.
  • II. Magnets produce forces on other magnets.
  • III. Magnetic field lines are drawn with arrows pointing from north to south.

Which of these statments are true?

  • A. II only.
  • B. I and II.
  • C. II and III.
  • D. I and III.

4. What do magnetic field lines show?

  • A. The direction the south pole of a compass would point.
  • B. The direction the north pole of a compass would point.
  • C. The direction of force on a positive charge.
  • D. The direction of force on a negative charge.

5. Some substances can be magnetised, and hold on to their magnetism for many many years.

This kind of magnet is called....

  • A. a permanent magnet.
  • B. a solid magnet.
  • C. a soft magnet.
  • D. an induced magnet.

6. Magnetic compasses point North. This shows that..

  • A. the Earth has a magnetic field.
  • B. the Earth is spinning.
  • C. the Sun has a magnetic field.
  • D. the Earth has a electric field.
7. An experiment is performed on 3 metals as shown below. A bar magnet is used to try to pick up a steel block, a copper block and another small bar magnet.  

magnet experiment

Which row in this results table correctly shows the 3 results?

1. Steel 2. Copper 3. South Pole
attract no effect attract
no effect attract repel
attract no effect repel
attract attract repel

8. In test 3 above, it was noticed that the distance between the 2 magnets made a big difference. Which of the statements below best describes this conclusion?

  • A. If the distance between magnets is increased, the force gets stronger.
  • B. If the distance between magnets is increased, the force gets weaker.
  • C. If the force is increased, the distance gets bigger.
  • D. If the force is increased, the distance gets smaller.

9. At which point on this diagram (labelled A to D) is the magnetic field strongest?

4 locations around a bar magnet

10. Maggie has a go at drawing the field lines around a bar magnet. However she has got some of the arrow directions the wrong way round.

magnetic field lines with some incorrect

Which colour arrows are pointing the wrong way?