10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

Q 1-3:

Here are 4 distance-time graphs showing the movement of some athletes:

s-t graphs x4

Which of these shows...


1. an athlete moving away at constant speed?

2. a stationary athlete?

3. an athlete slowing down and stopping?

4. The speed or velocity of any object can be measured in ...

  • A. m/s2
  • B. N
  • C. m/s
  • D. m


Here are some more graphs, showing velocity-time.

v-t graphs x 4

Which of these shows ...


5. a constant velocity?

6. a uniform deceleration?

7. a falling tennis ball reaching terminal velocity?


8. Velocity-time graphs can be used to calculate the acceleration and the distance travelled. Which row in the table below shows how is this done?

To Find The Distance: To Find The Acceleration:
Area under the line Length of line
Length of line Gradient of line
Gradient of line Length of line
Area under the line Gradient of line

This graph shows a cyclist's velocity during the first 20 seconds of a bike race:

v-t graph for a bike


9. What was the acceleration of the cyclist?

  • A. 0.6 m/s2
  • B. 1.6 m/s2
  • C. 120 m/s2
  • D. 240 m/s2

10. How far did the cyclist travel in the first 20s?

  • A. 0.6 m
  • B. 1.6 m
  • C. 120 m
  • D. 240 m