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Edexcel iGCSE Physics book cover  Edexcel iGCSE Physics book cover

Sound, Forces, Energy Resources, Magnetism, Transformers.


1. What is the highest frequency humans can hear?

  • A). 10 kHz
  • B). 20 kHz
  • C). 100 kHz
  • D). 200 kHz

2. What is the lowest frequency humans can hear?

  • A). 10 Hz
  • B). 20 Hz
  • C). 100 Hz
  • D). 200 Hz
3. What do you call a device with a screen that can be used with a microphone to display a sound wave?
  • A). Oscilloscope
  • B). Stethoscope
  • C). Sound sensor
  • D). Signal generator

4&5. Here are 4 sound waves shown on one of these devices.

4 x sound wave diagrams

Which of these diagrams shows...

4. A loud, high pitched sound?

5. A quiet high frequency sound?

6. A low frequency sound with a high amplitude?

7&8. In an experiment to measure the speed of sound, a student bangs together 2 wooden blocks. Another student listens out for the echo from the wall.

The wall is 100 m away.

The echo returns to the students after a delay of 0.6 seconds.


speed of sound diagram

7. Which of these 4 formulas should be used to calculate the speed of sound?

  • A). speed = velocity x time
  • B). speed = distance x time
  • C). speed = velocity ÷ time
  • D). speed = distance ÷ time

8. Using the data from this experiment, what is the speed of sound?

  • A). 60 m/s
  • B). 167 m/s
  • C). 120 m/s
  • D). 333 m/s

9. Which of the points on this metal block shows the position of the centre of gravity?

finding the centre of gravity of a traingular solid

10. The diagram below shows a light wooden beam supported at each end. A 1000 N weight rests on the beam closer to the right hand side of the beam.

forces on a light wooden beam

Which of the answers below gives realistic values for the size of the forces X and Y?

  • A). X = 700 N, Y = 300 N.
  • B). X = 300 N, Y = 700 N.
  • C). X = 500 N, Y = 500 N.
  • D). X = 1000 N, Y = 1000 N.