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Edexcel iGCSE Physics book cover  Edexcel iGCSE Physics book cover
These questions are about magnets:  

1. Which of these is not a magnetic material?

  • A). Aluminium
  • B). Steel.
  • C). Nickel.
  • D). Iron.

2. Which of these diagrams shows the magnetic field lines around the north pole of a magnet?

3. Which one of these could not have a magnetic field around it?

  • A). Horseshoe magnet
  • B). Electric cable
  • C). Glass rod
  • D). Compass

4. When magnets and metal bars are close together they experience forces.

Which row gives the correct description of the effect between these materials?

North Pole and North Pole
North Pole and South Pole
North Pole and Iron Bar

5. A magnetic compass points North. This shows that...

  • A). the Earth is tilted on its axis.
  • B). the Earth is spinning.
  • C). the Earth has a magnetic field.
  • D). the Earth has gravity.

6. A student wants to demonstrate the magnetic field lines around a bar magnet. Paper is placed over a bar magnet and a finely powdered substance is sprinkled over the paper.
What substance is typically used in this experiment?

  • A). iron
  • B). aluminium
  • C). chalk
  • D). copper

7. A uniform magnetic field can be produced between 2 permanent magnets. Which of the following arrangements of magnets will produce the field shown?

uniform magnetic field x4

8. Some materials are easily magnetised when placed in a magnetic field, and then quickly lose their magnetism once the field is removed. These materials are used in electromagnets, and are called...

  • A). soft magnetic materials.
  • B). hard magnetic materials.
  • C). temporary magnets.
  • D). partial magnets.

9. Fleming's Left Hand Rule can be used to predict the direction of the force on a wire carrying a current, when placed in a magnetic field.

Which of these correctly identifies the fingers/thumb?

  Force on wire Current in wire Magnetic Field direction
A thumb first finger second finger
B thumb second finger first finger
C second finger first finger thumb
D first finger thumb second finger