10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

1. A diagram of an atom of lithium is shown.

lithium atom

What is the name of the central part of the atom and which sub-atomic particles does it contain?

Central Part Sub-atomic Particles
A nucleon Protons and neutrons
B nucleon Protons and electrons
C nucleus Protons and neutrons
D nucleus Protons and electrons

Q2-4 Which sub-atomic particle has ...


2. ...a relative mass of one atomic mass unit and no charge?

3. ...a negative charge?

4. ...a relative mass of almost zero (1/1836 atomic mass units)?


5. Atoms have no overall charge because the number of ...

  • A. protons equals the number of neutrons
  • B. protons equals the number of electrons
  • C. electrons equals the number of neutrons
  • D. protons is less than the number of neutrons

6. The electronic configuration of an atom with 16 electrons is ...

  • A.  2,8,6
  • B.  8,8
  • C.  2,6,8
  • D.  2,6,6,2

Q7-9 Use the information given in the table below to fill in the missing information for each atom:

Number of …

Mass number
(nucleon number)

protons electrons neutrons
7. 9 9 19
8+9. 17 20

10. Information on four particles, W, X, Y and Z is given below. Which are isotopes?

  Number of :
protons electrons neutrons
W 19 19 19
X 19 19 20
Y 20 19 20
Z 20 20 20
  • A.  W and X
  • B.  W and Y
  • C.   Y and Z
  • D.   X and Z