10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?



1. What two substances MUST be present for iron to rust?

Rusting Bridge:Rikkerst Pixabay
  • A. oxygen and salt
  • B. oxygen and water
  • C. air and water
  • D. air and salt

2. Which words are needed to correctly complete gaps 1 and 2 in the sentences below?

The process of iron rusting involves the    1    of iron.

Rusting can be prevented by covering the iron with grease which stops    2    from reaching the surface of the iron.

  Gap 1 Gap 2
A reduction oxygen
B reduction Carbon dioxide
C oxidation oxygen
D oxidation Carbon dioxide
3. A test tube containing damp iron filings is inverted in water. After one week the water level inside the test tube had risen as shown.

Which statement explains the reason for the water rising?

iron filings rusting experiment
  • A.   oxygen has been produced
  • B.   the water temperature has decreased
  • C.   iron filings have been reduced
  • D.   iron oxide has been formed
4. The diagram shows experiments to investigate the rusting of iron nails.

A student predicted the following results:

Tube X The nails will rust
Tube Y The nails will not rust
Tube Z The nails will rust

For which tubes were the student’s predictions correct?

  • A.   X and Y only
  • B.   X and Z only
  • C.   Y and Z only
  • D.   X, Y and Z
5. Many iron objects are galvanized (coated with zinc). The reason for this is because ...
  • A. galvanising improves the appearance of the object
  • B. galvanising is cheap
  • C. zinc is more reactive than iron so corrodes instead
  • D. zinc is less reactive than iron so corrodes instead
6. Iron on shipwrecks in deep seawater rusts very slowly. A possible reason for this is ...
  • A.   there is very little oxygen at this depth
  • B.   sea water slows down corrosion
  • C.   the ship was painted before sinking
  • D.   the ship is covered in an oily layer
7.Which of the following iron nails will NOT rust?

An iron nail attached to a piece of ...

  • A.   copper
  • B.   magnesium
  • C.   silver
  • D.   cloth

Q8-10: Select the best method to prevent rusting in ...


8. a bicycle chain?

bike chain
Dorothy Castillo | Pexels.com
  • A. oiling 
  • B. painting
  • C. coating with plastic
  • D. galvanizing

9. a metal water bucket?

  • A. oiling 
  • B. painting
  • C. coating with plastic
  • D. galvanizing

10. a railway bridge?

  • A. oiling 
  • B. painting
  • C. coating with plastic
  • D. galvanizing
railway bridge
Kerry Raymond | CC 3.0