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1. The structure for ethanol is:

organic molecules x4


Q2-3: Ethanol can be produced by the reaction between ethene and steam.

2. The ethene is obtained from crude oil as shown:

  process 1   process 2  

Processes 1 and 2 are …

  Process 1 Process 2
A Fractional distillation polymerisation
B fermentation polymerisation
C Fractional distillation cracking
D fermentation cracking

3. The reaction between ethene and steam is a(n)  reaction.

Q4-6: Sugars such as glucose (C6H12O6) can be converted into ethanol by fermentation

4. The conditions required for this reaction to take place are …

  Substance added Temperature (oC)
A yeast 30
B acid catalyst 100
C yeast 100
D acid catalyst 30
5. The other product in this reaction is a gas which ...
  • A.   pops with a lighted splint
  • B.   turns limewater milky
  • C.   relights a glowing splint
  • D.   turns damp UI paper blue


6. A concentrated solution of ethanol is obtained from the reaction mixture by ...
  • A.   evaporation
  • B.   filtration
  • C.   chromatography
  • D.   fractional distillation

7+8. Ethanol is very useful as a fuel.


burning ethanol

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7. The balanced equation for the complete combustion of ethanol is ...
  • A.  2C2H5OH  +  3O2     4CO2 + 6H2
  • B.  C2H5OH  +  3O2     2CO2 + 3H2O
  • C.  2C2H5OH  +  O2     4CO + 6H2
  • D.  C2H5OH  +  2O2     2CO + 3H2O
8. Another use of ethanol is as a ...
  • A.  solvent
  • B.  monomer
  • C.  glue
  • D.  flavouring

Q9-10: Polymers can be either addition polymers or condensation polymers.


9. The monomers used for condensation polymers MUST contain ...

  • A.   a double C=C bond
  • B.   two functional groups
  • C.   oxygen atoms
  • D.   at least four carbon atoms

10. Polythene and nylon are both polymers. Select the correct type of polymer.

  polythene Nylon
A condensation condensation
B condensation addition
C addition condensation
D addition addition