10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

1. The functional group of an ester is ...
  • A.   –COOH
  • B.   –COO-
  • C.   –OH
  • D.   –CO-
2. An ester is formed by the reaction between a carboxylic acid and a(n)...
  • A.   alcohol
  • B.   oxidizing agent
  • C.   concentrated acid
  • D.   alkane

Q3-5: Ethanoic acid reacts with ethanol in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid.

3. This is a(n)  reaction.

4. The function of concentrated sulfuric acid is to ...

  • A.   oxidise the ethanol
  • B.   reduce the ethanoic acid
  • C.   reduce the pH of the mixture
  • D.   act as a catalyst
5. The name of the organic product formed is ...
  • A.   ethyl ethanoic
  • B.   ethyl ethanoate
  • C.   ethanol ethanoic
  • D.   ethanol ethanoate

Q6: Methanoic acid and ethanol react to form an organic product.

methanoic ecid + ethanol structure


6. The organic product formed is ...

product of methanoic acid + ethanol

7. The products of the reaction between ethanol and propanoic acid are ...

  • A.   ethyl propanoate and water
  • B.   propyl ethanoate and water
  • C.   ethyl propanoate and hydrogen
  • D.   propyl ethanoate and hydrogen

Q8+9 refer to the following structure:

Unknown compound structure

8. This compound would be formed by reacting together ...
  • A.   ethanol and ethanoic acid
  • B.   ethanol and methanoic acid
  • C.   methanol and ethanoic acid
  • D.   methanol and propanoic acid
9. The name of this compound is ...
  • A.   methyl ethanoate
  • B.   ethyl methanoate
  • C.   methyl propanoate
  • D.   propyl methanoate
10. The structure of the organic product formed by the reaction between propanoic acid and ethanol is ...

Organic structures x 4