The diagrams show the arrangement of particles in the three states of matter. Each circle represents a particle.

Solid liquid gas particle diagrams

1. The formation of solid iron from molten iron involves a change in arrangement from …
  • A.   X to Y
  • B.   Y to Z
  • C.   Z to Y
  • D.   Z to X
2. The change from Y to X is called …
  • A.   melting
  • B.   freezing
  • C.   condensation
  • D.   evaporation
3. The three states of matter arranged in order from least to most energy is …
  • A.   Z, Y, X
  • B.   Y, Z, X
  • C.   Y, X, Z
  • D.   X, Y, Z
4. Which statement is correct about the movement or arrangement of the particles of a substance?
  • A.   The particles do not move at all in the gaseous state
  • B.   The particles vibrate around fixed positions in the liquid state
  • C.   The particles move randomly in the liquid state
  • D.   The particles slide past each other in the solid state

5. Which of the following substances will be liquid at 25°C and solid if cooled down to 5°C?

  Melting point in °C Boiling point in °C
A -7 56
B 143 534
C 15 97
D -57 23

6. Substance X produced two spots when analysed using paper chromatography.

Substance Y produced the following cooling curve:

cooling curve for unknown substance

Which statement about X and Y is correct?

  • A.   X and Y are mixtures
  • B.   X is a mixture and Y a pure substance
  • C.   X is a pure substance and Y a mixture
  • D.   X and Y are pure substances
7. The flow chart shows the stages in the treatment of ground water to produce drinking water.

Ground water    sedimentation    process G    process H    drinking water

What are processes G and H?

  Process G Process H
A distillation filtration
B distillation chlorination
C filtration distillation
D filtration chlorination

8. Substances can be classified as elements, compounds or mixtures. In the table below select the row which shows the correct classification for each of the substances.

       diamond iodine Magnesium oxide air
A element compound compound mixture
B compound element mixture compound
C element element compound mixture
D compound compound mixture element


Q9-10. Select the most appropriate term to complete the sentences about the dissolving of sodium chloride in water:

9. Solid sodium chloride was dissolved in water to form a sodium chloride .
10. The sodium chloride is the .