1. What name is given to resources that may run out one day if not carefully managed?
  • A.   synthetic resources
  • B.   renewable resources
  • C.   natural resources
  • D.   finite resources
2. Which of the following is a renewable resource?
  • A.   crude oil
  • B.   sea water
  • C.   copper ore
  • D.   coal
3. Synthetic fertilizers have allowed food production to increase through intensive farming. Which natural resource did synthetic fertilizers supplement or replace?
  • A.   manure
  • B.   nitrogen
  • C.   water
  • D.   ammonium phosphate
4. Potable water is water that ...
  • A.   is being transported or carried
  • B.   contains high levels of microbes
  • C.   is safe to drink
  • D.   is chemically pure
5. Which of the following is NOT true for pure water?
  • A.   It contains low levels of dissolved salts
  • B.   It boils at 100°C
  • C.   It is safe to drink
  • D.   It is a single compound
6. The flow chart shows the stages in the treatment of river water to produce drinking water:

River water → sedimentation → process G → process H → drinking water

What are processes G and H?

  Process G Process H
A distillation filtration
B distillation sterilisation
C filtration distillation
D filtration sterilisation
7. Which of the following is NOT a method used to kill microbes during water purification in the United Kingdom?
  • A.   ozone
  • B.   bleach
  • C.   chlorine
  • D.   ultraviolet light
8. Sea water can be converted into drinking water by...
  • A.   distillation
  • B.   filtration
  • C.   sterilization
  • D.   crystallization
9. The process of turning sea water into drinking water is known as...
  • A.   filtration
  • B.   purification
  • C.   desalination
  • D.   decontamination
10. Reverse osmosis can be used to produce potable water from salty water.

What is a disadvantage of this process?

  • A.   It removes the dissolved salts from the water
  • B.   It requires large amounts of energy
  • C.   It uses membranes to remove the salt
  • D.   The water produced is too pure for drinking