1. The pie chart shows the approximate percentage of the three most abundant gases in dry air in today’s atmosphere.


The gases represented by X, Y and Z are:

atmosphere gases pie chart
  X Y Z
A oxygen carbon dioxide nitrogen
B nitrogen Carbon dioxide oxygen
C oxygen argon nitrogen
D nitrogen argon oxygen

Q2-5: Combustion of hydrocarbon fuels can produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen. Particulates may also be released into the atmosphere.

2. The correct word equation for the complete combustion of a hydrocarbon fuel is ..
  • A.  fuel  + oxygen  carbon dioxide  +  water
  • B.  fuel  + oxygen  carbon dioxide  +  hydrogen
  • C.  fuel  + oxygen  carbon monoxide  +  water
  • D.  fuel  + oxygen  carbon monoxide  +  hydrogen
3. Carbon monoxide is dangerous because it ..
  • A.  causes global warming
  • B.  causes acid rain
  • C.  limits the blood from carrying oxygen
  • D.  limits the blood from carrying carbon dioxide
4. Which of these problems is caused by particulates in the atmosphere?
  • A.   global warming
  • B.   global dimming
  • C.   acid rain
  • D.   destruction of the ozone layer
5. Which substance does NOT cause respiratory problems in humans?
  • A.   particulates
  • B.   carbon dioxide
  • C.   sulfur dioxide
  • D.   oxides of nitrogen


6. What process produced the gases in the Earth’s early atmosphere?

  • A.   Photosynthesis by trees and vegetation
  • B.   Volcanic activity
  • C.   Respiration of pre-historic creatures
  • D.   Decaying vegetation

7. The composition of the Earth’s early atmosphere is uncertain but has been determined by analyzing evidence.

Which of the following was the Earth’s early atmosphere NOT thought to contain?

  • A.   a large amount of oxygen
  • B.   a large amount of carbon dioxide
  • C.   water vapour
  • D.   small amounts of gases such as methane and ammonia
8. Which activity will cause the greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere to decrease?
  • A.   Planting more trees
  • B.   Eating more beef
  • C.   Farming more rice
  • D.   Taking more car journeys
9. Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
  • A.   coal
  • B.   natural gas
  • C.   hydrogen
  • D.   crude oil
10. Which of the following statements about the changes in the early atmosphere is NOT true?
  • A.   Water vapour condensed forming oceans.
  • B.   Photosynthesis of primitive plants caused oxygen levels to increase
  • C.   Carbon dioxide dissolved in the oceans
  • D.   Respiration of primitive animals caused oxygen levels to fall