10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

Q1+2: The diagram shows a cross section of a plant stem:

stem cross-section

1. What is the name of tissue X?
  • A. Epidermis
  • B. Mesophyll
  • C. Xylem
  • D. Phloem
2. What substance is translocated in tissue X?
  • A. Sucrose
  • B. Water
  • C. Starch
  • D. Magnesium ions

3-5: A student placed a leaf stalk of celery into a glass of red dye.
 After 3 hours the leaves had turned a pink colour.

3. The dye had risen up the celery stalk by the process of ..

  • A. respiration
  • B. transpiration
  • C. translocation
  • D. transcription
The student cut through the stalk and examined the section under the microscope:

celery in red dye 

4. The regions labelled X were coloured red. What does this tell you about the function of the plant tissue in region X?

  • A. transports sugar
  • B. transports the red solution
  • C. transports oxygen
  • D. transports plant hormones

5. Which conditions would make the dye rise up the stalk more quickly?

  • A. Hot and humid
  • B. Cold and windy
  • C. Hot and windy
  • D. Humid and windy
6-8: This section is about plants and water. Select the best word to complete the sentences:  
Water enters root hairs by .  

The water passes across the root and enters the xylem.

The water rises up the xylem and evaporates from the
mesophyll cells of the leaves.

The water vapour¬† out of the leaf,  
through small pores called .  

9. A person bought a plant of basil from the shop and left it in a hot kitchen:


healthy basil plant
plant in hot kitchen

wilted basil plant
several hours later

After a few hours the cells of the leaves in the plant have become ..

  • A. flaccid
  • B. turgid
  • C. softer
  • D. darker

10. The rate of transpiration can be measured using a potometer:


Theresa Knott | CC 3.0

The rate was measured in still warm air and with a hot fan.
The graph below shows the two different rates of transpiration:

10. In hot and windy conditions, what is the rate of transpiration?
  • A. 0.33 mm/s
  • B. 0.1 mm/s
  • C. 10 mm/s
  • D. 3 mm/s