10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

1. Starch is a:
  • A.   Lipid
  • B.   Protein
  • C.   Carbohydrate
  • D.   Sugar

2. Which one of these elements is NOT found in sugars?

  • A. Carbon
  • B. Oxygen
  • C. Nitrogen
  • D. Hydrogen
3. Which chemical should you use to test for reducing sugar?
  • A. Iodine solution
  • B. Benedicts solution
  • C. Biuret A and B
  • D. Lime water
4. Four solutions are tested for protein using the biuret test.

 Which solution in the table below contains protein?

Solution Colour Before Colour After heating
A Clear Purple
B Blue Blue
C Yellow Blue/Black
D Blue Yellow/Orange
5. Lipids are made up of..
  • A.Sugars
  • B. Amino Acids
  • C. Fatty Acids and Glycerol
  • D. Nucleic Acids
6. Where would you find glycogen in a cell?
  • A. Cell wall
  • B. Cytoplasm
  • C. Nucleus
  • D. Vacuole
7. Proteins are made up of amino acids.
Which element is found in amino acids but NOT in fatty acids and glycerol?
  • A. Nitrogen
  • B. Oxygen
  • C. Carbon
  • D. Hydrogen

A drop of iodine solution was dropped on to some banana cells.

The sketch here shows one cell viewed using a microscope.


banana cell under microscope - diagram

8. Which substance do the oval structures X contain?

  • A. Ink
  • B. Starch
  • C. Sugar
  • D. Glycogen
9. The cell wall Y is made of ..
  • A. starch
  • B. protein
  • C. lipids
  • D. cellulose

10. Which of the following is the INCORRECT role for the molecule?

  Molecule Role in organisms
A Protein Energy Storage
B Sugar Used in respiration
C Lipid Part of cell membrane
D Starch Energy storage

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay