10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?


1+2: Complete this word equation for photosynthesis:

carbon dioxide + arrow + glucose

3. The photosynthetic reaction is known as endothermic. This means ..

  • A. Energy is required for the reaction
  • B. Energy is released in the reaction
  • C. Heat is released in the reaction
  • D. Water is produced in the reaction

4. The diagram here shows a plant cell found in a leaf:

Which organelle in the leaf cell captures the light energy?

plant cell

  • A. Nucleus
  • B. Chloroplast
  • C. Mitochondrion
  • D. Vacuole

5. In photosynthesis light energy is transferred into which type of energy?

  • A. Kinetic
  • B. Heat
  • C. Chemical
  • D. Sound

6. Extra glucose that is made in photosynthesis can be stored by the plant as ..

  • A.  protein
  • B.  starch
  • C.  glucose
  • D.  fat

7+8: A student carries out an experiment to find out if chlorophyll is needed for photosynthesis.
He puts a plant with variegated leaves in light for 24 hours and then tests one leaf to find out which parts of the leaf contain starch.

varigated leaf

7. To test for starch which of these chemicals is used?

  • A. Benedicts solution
  • B. Cobalt Chloride
  • C. Lime water
  • D. Iodine solution

8. The green part of the leaf went blue black when tested with the chemical from question 7. Which of the following could be concluded?

  • A. The green part of the leaf contained starch
  • B. The green part of the leaf had been photosynthesizing
  • C. Chlorophyll is needed for photosynthesis
  • D. All of the above.

9. Which of the following is least likely to limit the rate of photosynthesis?

  • A. Carbon dioxide concentration
  • B. Light intensity
  • C. Oxygen concentration
  • D. Temperature

10. This graph shows how the rate of photosynthesis is affected by varying light intensity levels:

female sprinter

At what point on the graph does a factor other than light intensity start limiting the rate of photosynthesis?