10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

1. What is meant by a balanced diet?
  • A. A variety of different foods that provide adequate amounts of nutrients.
  • B. Equal amounts of protein and fat
  • C. Equal amounts of vitamins and mineral salts
  • D. A diet that keeps your weight from increasing

2.   In a balanced diet leafy green vegetables, nuts and fruit are all good sources of ..

  • A. protein
  • B. fat
  • C. carbohydrates
  • D. roughage

3. A good source of carbohydrate in a diet might be ..

  • A. Rice
  • B. Fish
  • C. Cheese
  • D. Milk

4. Who is likely to need the most energy in their daily food intake?

  • A. An 80-year-old man
  • B. A new born baby
  • C. An active teenager who plays sport
  • D. A person working in an office using a computer

5.  A student was found to be anaemic.  Which of the following foods should they increase in their diet?

  • A. Fish
  • B. Fruit
  • C. Dairy produce such as milk
  • D. Red meat
6. Too many fatty foods in a diet may lead to which of the following?
  • A. Scurvy
  • B. Constipation
  • C. Starvation
  • D. Coronary Heart disease

7-9 The table shows the composition of four different foods labelled A to D. Each sample contains 100 grams of the food:

FOOD Protein (g) Carbohydrate (g) Iron (mg)
A 6 17.3 2.1
B 0.8 1.3 0.5
C 0.7 5.4 0.6
D 3.8 6.5 1.4

7. Which food might be best food  for a mother who is 6 months pregnant?

8. Which food would be the best to help prevent anaemia?

9. A student had a lunch consisting of 50 grams of food A, 100 grams of B and 100 grams of D.

What is the total amount of protein in the meal?

  • A. 6.0 grams
  • B. 10.6 grams
  • C. 7.6 grams
  • D. 11.3 grams
10. Vitamin D is needed to prevent which deficiency disease?
  • A. Scurvy
  • B. Anaemia
  • C. Rickets
  • D. Night blindness