10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

1. The central nervous system is made up of ...

  • A. the brain and the receptors
  • B  the brain and the spinal cord
  • C  the spinal cord and the receptors
  • D. the brain, spinal cord and receptors
2. Which is statement is incorrect?
  • A. A nerve is an individual cell
  • B. A nerve is a bundle of cells
  • C. A neurone has one nucleus
  • D. An impulse passes along a neurone

3-4: This image is of a motor neurone:

motor nuerone


3. Which row in the table below correctly identifies K and M?

  K M
A cell body dendrite
B nucleus axon
C cell body axon
D nucleus myelin sheath
4. What would be found at L?
  • A. Another motor neurone
  • B. A Sensory neurone
  • C. A gland
  • D. Muscle cells

5 -7: A student is carrying out an experiment on reaction times using her computer.  To test her reaction time she must hit any key when a green light comes on the screen.
The transmission of information in her central nervous system is summarized in this diagram.

motor nuerone

5. The receptor is ...
  • A. the student
  • B. the computer
  • C. the student’s eyes
  • D. the keyboard of the computer

6.  The CNS coordinator is ...

  • A. in the receptor
  • B. the teacher
  • C. the student’s brain
  • D. the computer

7. Where can sensory neurons be found - A, B, C or D?

8-10: A child accidently stood on a piece of sharp glass and immediately lifted their foot. The diagram shows the reflex arc for this incident:

motor nuerone

8. A relay neurone is found ...
  • A. in the receptors in the foot
  • B. at X
  • C. at Y
  • D. at Z

9. Name structure M, where the impulse crosses from neurone Z to neurone Y.

  • A. Relay neurone
  • B. Synapse
  • C. Junction
  • D. Neurotransmitter
10. Which of the following statements about reflex actions is correct?
  • A. They are very quick and under conscious control
  • B. They are slow and under conscious control
  • C. They are very quick and automatic
  • D. They are slow and automatic