10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

Q 1-5: The picture shows strawberries being grown in a polythene tunnel:

crops growing in a plastic shelter

1. Strawberries can be grown in open ground without the use of polythene tunnels. Why might a farmer build polythene tunnels in which to grow the strawberries?

  • A. The farmer might get sunburnt if working in the open air
  • B. The rain can damage the strawberry plants
  • C. The farmer can increase the yield of each plant
  • D. The sunshine can burn the fruit

2. Which of the following combination of conditions will improve the yield?

A. Increase % carbon dioxide in the air Warm air temperature  Long hours of light
B. Increase % oxygen Warm air temperature Long hours of light
C. Decrease % carbon dioxide in the air Cool air temperature Short hours of light
D. Increase % carbon dioxide in the air Cool air temperature Short hours of light
3. When the plant photosynthesises which molecule produced is used to make the cellulose of plant cell walls?
  • A. protein
  • B. oxygen
  • C. starch
  • D. glucose
4. The farmer can use fertilizers to improve yields. Which essential element needed for growth is in fertilizers?
  • A. Hydrogen
  • B. Nitrogen
  • C. Magnesium
  • D. Carbon

5+6: A farmer carried out a trial to see which fertilizer was most effective at increasing the yield of maize.  She divided the field into 3, leaving one part as a control, applying inorganic fertilizer to another part and applying organic fertilizer to the third part.

The result of the trial is shown in the graph:

graph showing crop growth

5. By how much did organic fertilizers increase the yield of the maize compared to the control?
  • A. 10%
  • B. 15%
  • C. 20%
  • D. 100%
6. What would the farmer have done to the control crop?
  • A. Applied fertilizer.
  • B. Controlled the growth of the plants by using less water.
  • C. Treated the maize plants the same as in the other two areas but without applying fertilizer.
  • D. Grow the plants without giving them water or spraying with pesticides.
7. Which of the following is not an organic fertilizer?
  • A. Ammonium nitrate
  • B. Compost
  • C. Chicken manure
  • D. Cow manure
8. Which of the following is not a feature of organic fertilizers?
  • A. Add structure to the soil so improving drainage
  • B. Encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms and their release of carbon dioxide
  • C. Rapid release of nutrients into the soil and increased risk of leaching.
  • D. Slow release of nutrients so reducing the risk of leaching
9+10: Pests can greatly reduce the yield of a crop. The strawberry weevil can cause yield losses of more than 50%. A stawberry weevil

9. What may be the advantage of spraying the crop with an insecticide?

  • A. Has immediate effect.
  • B. It is expensive.
  • C. Kills all insects not just the pest.
  • D. May stay in the fruit.
10. An advantage of growing crops within a greenhouse or polythene tunnel is that biological control methods can be used to reduce pest numbers.

Which of the following is NOT a feature of a successful biological control organism?

  • A. Only eats / infects the pest
  • B. Produces large numbers of offspring
  • C. Eats /infects the crop plant
  • D. Does not become a pest.