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Q 1-3: The diagram below shows the water cycle:

water cycle

Vatyka | CC 3.0
  1. Which of the following is the correct name for stages K and L?
  K L
A. Evaporation Precipitation
B. Condensation Evaporation
C. Precipitation Evaporation
D. Evaporation Condensation
2. Which of the following is not a form in which water is precipitated in stage M?
  • A. Water vapour
  • B. Snow
  • C. Hail
  • D. Rain
3. Trees return water from the ground to water vapour in the air by the process of ..
  • A. evaporation
  • B. condensation
  • C. precipitation
  • D. transpiration


4-10. The following questions are on the carbon cycle, shown in the diagram below:

carbon cycle

4. Carbon is fixed in the ecosystem by stage .
5. Combustion is represented by arrow .
6. Which of the following are decomposers?
  • A. fungi and bacteria
  • B. Insects and fungi
  • C. plants and bacteria
  • D. Insects and bacteria
7. Which conditions will speed up the rate of decomposition?
  • A. Warm and dry
  • B. Cold and dry
  • C. Warm and wet
  • D. Cold and wet
8. Which processes return carbon dioxide to the atmosphere?
  • A. Decay and respiration
  • B. Photosynthesis and respiration
  • C. Respiration and combustion
  • D. Excretion and respiration
9. Which of the following decreases the % of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
  • A. Clearing land by burning vegetation
  • B. Increasing the numbers of animals farmed for food
  • C. Burning fossil fuels
  • D. Planting more trees
10. Which of the following is NOT a store of carbon in green plants?
  • A. Glycogen
  • B. Starch
  • C. Protein
  • D. Oil