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Carl Linnaeus classified organisms into Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species.


1. Which Kingdom is multicellular, contains chloroplasts, cell walls are made of cellulose?
  • A. Plants
  • B. Fungi
  • C. Protoctists
  • D. Animals

3. The table shows features found in 3 groups of living organisms.

Group Feature
Cell wall Plasmid Cytoplasm Nucleus
Protoctists No No Yes Yes
Fungi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bacteria Yes Yes No No

2. Only one feature is correct. Which is it?

  • A. Cell wall
  • B. Plasmid
  • C. Cytoplasm
  • D. Nucleus

3. This image is of algae on the sea bed off the coast of Australia.


Algae, Australia
Toby Husdon | CC-BY-SA 3.0

Which kingdom do algae belong to?

  • A. Plants
  • B. Fungi
  • C. Animals
  • D. Protoctists

4+5: The image shows fungi living on a dead branch.


Algae, Australia

4. What type of nutrition does this fungus have?
  • A. Parasitic
  • B. Saprophytic
  • C. Heterotrophic
  • D. Autotrophic
5. What makes up the cell walls of fungi?
  • A. Cellulose
  • B. Chitin
  • C. Protein
  • D. Starch
6. The images are of members of which phylum?


preying Mantis Golden Orb Spider
  • A. Insects
  • B. Arthropods
  • C. Arachnids
  • D. Invertebrates
7. Which characteristic feature of mammals enables them to be warm blooded?
  • A. Hair
  • B. Ears
  • C. Mammary glands
  • D. Teeth

8+9: This is a diagram of a virus.

Viruses can infect all types of living organisms.

virus (simple)
domdomegg | CC-BY-SA 4.0

8. Select the correct labels for K,L and M.

  K L M
A Genetic material Protein coat Envelope
B Protein coat Envelope Genetic material
C Genetic material Envelope Protein coat
D Envelope Protein coat Genetic material
9. Which statement about viruses is incorrect?
  • A. All viruses are parasitic
  • B. All natural viruses cause disease
  • C. The virus envelope is made of virus material
  • D. The genetic material can be DNA or RNA

10. Due to evidence from chemical analysis there is now a three–domain system of classification.
Which of the following is not one of the groups of the three-domain system of classification?

  • A. Archaea
  • B. Bacteria
  • C. Eukaryota
  • D. Viruses