10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?


1. Which of theses sentences gives the best definition of respiration?

  • A. The process of cells digesting glucose
  • B. The process of cells taking in nutrients and water
  • C. The process of cells getting rid of waste products
  • D. The process of cells obtaining energy through a chemical reaction.

2-4: The process of respiration taking place day to day in all our cells involves glucose, and several other chemicals. Can you complete the chemical word equation for respiration shown here?

glucose+ arrow

5. What is the source of oxygen for humans?

  • A. digestion of food
  • B. the air
  • C. photosynthesis
  • D. vitamins and minerals

6. All of our cells need oxygen for survival. How does oxygen reach our cells?

  • A. direct from glucose
  • B. from red blood cells which transport oxygen
  • C. direct from our lungs
  • D. from our respiratory system which transports oxygen

7. What is glucose?

  • A. a protein
  • B. a vitamin
  • C. a type of fat
  • D. a simple sugar

8. Yeast is a microorganism used in many food processes. It uses a different form of respiration that concerts glucose into carbon dioxide, with no oxygen involved. In one process, it converts glucose into alcohol, used in making wine and beer. This process is called...

  • A. gestation
  • B. alcation
  • C. lactation
  • D. fermentation

9+10. The picture shows a 100 m sprinter.

During intense exercise like this, the body can obtain energy from just glucose alone without oxygen being involved in the chemical reaction.



female sprinter

9. What is the name of this process?

  • A. anaerobic respiration
  • B. aerobic respiration
  • C. oxygenated respiration
  • D. deoxygenated respiration

10. This process cannot continue for long due to the build-up of an unwanted product of this form of respiration. After a while, this chemical prevents muscles from working effectively. What is the name of this chemical product?

  • A. alcohol
  • B. lactic acid
  • C. carbon monoxide
  • D. ethanol