10 minutes maximum! Can you do it in 5?

Q1-6: In a field, the following food chain is observed:

corn plantmousesnakeowl


1. Which organism is a producer?

  • A. corn plant
  • B. mouse
  • C. snake
  • D. owl

2. What is the source of energy for this producer?

  • A. soil
  • B. atmosphere
  • C. the Sun
  • D. animal droppings

3. The owl is a carnivore. This means it...

  • A. eats mainly plants
  • B. eats mainly other animals
  • C. is top of the food chain
  • D. hunts at night
4. Mice eat plants as well as insects. Animals that eat plants and other animals are called ...
  • A. vegans
  • B. predators
  • C. herbivores
  • D. omnivores
5. What does an arrow in a food chain show?
  • A. The transfer of energy up the food chain
  • B. Which organism is being consumed
  • C. The movement of an organism
  • D. The direction in the chain towards the carnivore

6. The field and all the creatures living in it are called ...

  • A. a population
  • B. an ecosystem
  • C. a habitat
  • D. a community

7+8: A tree has a large population of insects called aphids feeding on the leaves. The aphids are being consumed by beetles.

7. Which of the diagrams below correctly shows the shape of a pyramid of numbers for this food chain?

tree in meadow
numbers pyramid
8. Which of these sentences correctly describes predator and prey?
  • A. The aphids are predators, the tree is prey.
  • B. The tree is a predator, the aphids are prey.
  • C. The beetles are predators, the aphids are prey.
  • D. The aphids are predators, the beetles are prey.

9-10. The diagram shows a food web of organisms found on a rocky shore:

food web of shoreline


9. If the sea bird population decreased through disease, what is likely to happen to the population of crabs and top shells?

  crab population top shell population
A. increase increase
B. increase decrease
C. decrease increase
D. decrease decrease
10. The primary consumers in this food web are..
  • A. plankton and algae
  • B. barnacles and top shells
  • C. dog whelks and crabs
  • D. sea birds