1. To survive and stay healthy, humans need a diet including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals. What is missing from this list?

  • A. calcium
  • B. sugar
  • C. water
  • D. meat

2. Meat, fish and eggs are a main source of....

3. Rice, potatoes and pasta are a main source of....

4. Chefs often use vegetable oil for frying produce. What type of nutrient is this?

5. Which nutrient is used to repair and build muscle?

6. Our bones need calcium, which is a.....

Starch is a chemical found in many plants.


7. What chemical can be used to test for starch, turning blue/black when starch is present?

  • A. Benedict's solution
  • B. visking
  • C. amylase
  • D. iodine

8. What are 'lipids'?

  • A. carbohydrates
  • B. fats and oils
  • C. muscle fibres
  • D. a type of cell

9. A student buys a soft drink, which says it contains 10g of sugar and provides 300 kJ per 100 ml.

How much energy would be in a 300 ml glass of this soft drink?

  • A.100 kJ
  • B. 30 g
  • C. 900 kJ
  • D. 3.3 g

10. A doctor is advising a patient. The doctor explains that the patient is consuming a much higher energy intake per day than being used in general daily activities. The doctor advises that this means the patient may...

  • A. become obese
  • B. get scurvy
  • C. have trouble digesting proteins
  • D. get a blood disease like anemia