Essential Idea: Compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are used to supply and store energy.


1. Which of the following is not a monosaccharide?
  • A. Glucose
  • B. Sucrose
  • C. Fructose
  • D. Galactose
2. The disaccharide maltose is made of a combination of molecules of...
  • A. glucose + sucrose
  • B. glucose + fructose
  • C. glucose + glucose
  • D. galactose + fructose

3. Which is the correct description in the table below?

  Joining two monosaccharides Breaking apart a disaccharide
I Condensation reaction Hydrolysis reaction
II Glycosidic bond broken Glycosidic bond made
III Hydrolysis reaction Condensation reaction
  • A. I only
  • B. I and II
  • C. II and III
  • D. I, II and III
4. Which of the following is not a polysaccharide?
  • A. Amylopectin
  • B. Glycogen
  • C. Cellulose
  • D. Sucrose

5. Which of the following is correct?

  Cellulose Amylose
I Made of α glucose Made of  β glucose
II Made of β glucose Made of α glucose
III Condensation between carbon 1 and 4 Condensation between carbon 1 and 4
IV Branched molecule Forms a helix
  • A. II only
  • B. I and IV
  • C. II and III
  • D. II and IV

6. Triglycerides are formed from the condensation of ..

olives and olive oil in bowl
  • A. one fatty acid and one glycerol molecule
  • B. three fatty acids and one phosphate molecule
  • C. three fatty acids and one glycerol molecule
  • D. two fatty acids and one glycerol molecule
7. When forming a triglyceride molecule which part of the fatty acid molecule joins to the glycerol?
  • A. CH3 group
  • B. C=O group
  • C. (CH)2 part
  • D. OH group

8. BMI or Body Mass Index is used to work out if a person is over or underweight. What is the BMI and status of a person who weighs 100 kg and has a height of 1.8 metres?

  BMI  kg/m2 Status
A. 55 Normal weight
B. 55 Obese
C. 0.18 Underweight
D. 0.18 Normal weight
9. A fatty acid with one double bond (=) is called ...
  • A. monounsaturated
  • B. saturated
  • C. unstable
  • D. polyunsaturated

10. Which of the following correctly identifies a cis-fatty acid at room temperature?

  Chemical group State ot room temperature
A. trglyceride molecule B solid
B. trglyceride molecule A liquid
C. trglyceride molecule B liquid
D. trglyceride molecule A solid