Essential Idea: Cell division is essential but must be controlled.

Q1-5: The image shows two stage of mitosis cell division:

cells_in_prophase + metaphase

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1. Which stage occurs before stage Y shown in the diagram?

  • A. Prophase
  • B. Metaphase
  • C. Anaphase
  • D. Telophase
2. In the diagram sister chromatids are ...
  • A. Separating
  • B. Joined together
  • C. Doubling in size
  • D. Halving in size
3. What pulls the sister chromatids to the poles of the cell?
  • A. Microtubules
  • B. Chromosomes
  • C. Equator of the cell
  • D. Centromeres
4. Which stage is characterised by the chromosome becoming shorter and fatter?
  • A. Prophase
  • B. Metaphase
  • C. Anaphase
  • D. Interphase
5. The amount of DNA in a cell can be represented by the number of chromosomes in the parent cell. If in a cell 2n = 10, what is the amount of DNA in the cell at metaphase?
  • A. 10
  • B. 5
  • C. 20
  • D. 40
6. The following are stages in the cell cycle. Select the correct sequence.
  • A. Mitosis G1 S G2 Cytokinesis
  • B. G1 S Mitosis G2 Cytokinesis
  • C. G1 S G2 Mitosis Cytokinesis
  • D. Cytokinesis Mitosis G1 S G2

7. In which stage are the cell components duplicated?

  • A. Prophase of mitosis
  • B. G1
  • C. S
  • D. metaphase

8. The diagram shows 40 cells from the root tip of a plant. The mitotic index is used as a measure of the amount of cell division that is occurring in a tissue.

cells from plant root tip

How many cells are undergoing mitosis, and what is the mitotic index?

  Number of cells undergoing mitosis Mitotic index is:
A. 7 5.7
B. 7 0.175
C. 40 1
D. 3 13.3
9. Which of the following chemicals control the cell cycle?

I. Proteins
II. Cyclins
III. Enzymes

  • A. I only
  • B. I, II and III
  • C. I and II
  • D. II only

10. Mutations may result in uncontrolled cell division and tumour formation. Which of the following is not a carcinogen?

  • A. Nicotine
  • B. X- rays
  • C. UVA
  • D. Vitamin A