Q1-3. Which of these forces....

1. ...does a fridge magnet use?

2. ...keeps the Moon in orbit around the Earth?

3. ...stops things moving?

4.This car has been shaped so that it has less friction than a school bus.

We say it has been ...

  • A. smoothed
  • B. de-blocked
  • C. frictionised
  • D. streamlined

5. Here are 4 things you can wear on your feet. For which one do we want the least friction?

  • A. basketball shoes
  • B. skis
  • C. running shoes
  • D. hiking boots

6. Forces can do many things to a moving tennis ball. Which one of these can it not do?

  • A. Change its mass
  • B. Change its shape
  • C. Change its speed
  • D. Change its direction
tennis ball

Here is a picture of a car that is moving - it has 4 forces acting on it. Force Q is equal in size to S, and force P is equal to R.


7. What will the car do?

  • A. Speed up
  • B. Stay at the same speed
  • C. Slow down
  • D. Stop

8. What is the name given to forces like this that cancel out?

  • A. Balanced forces
  • B. Equalised forces
  • C. Zeroed forces
  • D. Net forces
9. To make the car speed up , force must increase .
10. Air resistance is shown by force .