Solids, Liquids, Gases

Which of these descriptions matches which state of matter?
1. Particles are very widely separated.
2. Strong bonds hold the particles firmly in place.
3. Has/have no fixed shape.


4. Which of these sentences is true?

  • A. Liquids take the shape of the container they are in.
  • B. Liquids completely fill the container they are in.
  • C. Liquids have a fixed shape.
  • D. Liquid particles vibrate around a fixed point.

5. An ice cube is heated. The ice melts into water, which then turns into steam.

In which of these do the particles move the fastest?

  • A. ice
  • B. water
  • C. steam
  • D. all move at the same speed


6. Changes to substances can be classified as chemical changes or physical changes.

Which type of change is present when:

  • an iron chain rusts?
  • an ice cube melts?

Choose the correct row from the table below:

rusty chain
Iron rusting Ice melting
physical change physical change
physical change chemical change
chemical change physical change
chemical change chemical change


7. 10 g of salt is dissolved into 100 g of hot water. 10 g of sugar is then dissolved as well in the same hot water.

What is the mass of the hot liquid now?

  • A. 80 g
  • B. 100 g
  • C. 110 g
  • D. 120 g

8. A small gold ring of mass 5 g is melted in a furnace. The solid gold turns to liquid. The mass of the liquid will be..

  • A. less than 5 g
  • B. 5 g
  • C. more than 5 g
  • D. it has no mass.