14+15: The diagram shows particles of a gas inside a box.



14. If we heat the box up, which of these statements is true?

  • A) The particles move closer together
  • B) The particles move slower
  • C) The particles expand
  • D) The particles have more kinetic energy

15. Which statement best describes what happens to the particles in this box at absolute zero?

  • A) They freeze
  • B) They stop moving
  • C) They hit the sides of the box but with a lower force
  • D) The volume of each particle decreases
16-23: These questions are about conduction, convection, evaporation and radiation.

16. When a liquid evaporates, molecules that have more kinetic energy escape from the liquid surface. Ths leaves the liquid...

  • A. hotter
  • B. cooler
  • C. denser
  • D. less dense

17. Which of the following conditions will make the liquid evaporate faster?

  Temperature Surface area
A. low large
B. high large
C. low small
D. high small

18. Which method of heat transfer involves hot fluids rising as they become less dense?

  • A) Conduction
  • B) Convection
  • C) Evaporation
  • D) Radiation

19. Which of these sentences best describes a shiny silver surface?

  • A) Good at emitting and absorbing heat radiation
  • B) Bad at emitting and absorbing heat radiation
  • C) A good emitter and bad absorber of heat radiation
  • D) A bad emitter and good absorber of heat radiation

20-23:The following list gives improvements made to a house.

Which type of thermal energy transfer is REDUCED with this improvement?

house graphic
20. Carpets added
21. Draught excluders under doors
22. Cavity wall insulation
23. Silver lining on roof insulation