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Edexcel iGCSE Physics book cover  AQA GCSE Physics book cover

Forces, Vectors, Weight, Work, Stretching.

1. Which of these sentences is correct?

  • A). You are weightless on the moon
  • B). Your mass changes as you travel into space
  • C). Your weight is a measure of the density of your body
  • D). Your weight is the pull of gravity on you.
On Mars the gravitational field strength is 4 N/kg.
2. What is the weight of a 60kg astronaut on Mars?
  • A). 60N
  • B). 240kg
  • C). 15N
  • D). 240N

3. What is the mass of a Mars rock of weight 2kN?

  • A). 8 kg
  • B). 8000N
  • C). 50 N
  • D). 500kg

4. When taking a mars rock into deep space, which of these quantities changes, if any?

  • A). mass changes, weight stays the same
  • B). weight changes, mass stays the same
  • C). both mass and weight stay the same
  • D). both mass and weight change
5+6: Choose the correct units for the following measurements:  

5. Friction.

6. Work done.

7. Which of the following are vector quantities?

  • A). mass and velocity
  • B). acceleration and force
  • C). mass and displacement
  • D). velocity and time

8. Which of the following are scalar quantities?

  • A). mass and velocity
  • B). acceleration and velocity
  • C). mass and time
  • D). velocity and time

9. A remote controlled car is switched on and accelerates from rest, moving left to right. Which of these 4 free body diagrams correctly shows the relative sizes of the forces acting on the car?